To make disposable masks worthy of the name, overdue service is harmful

Since the epidemic, wearing masks has not only become a habit of people, but also gradually become a fashion of people! Now I forget to wear a mask to go out occasionally. When I find out, I feel the same as going out without clothes. I feel embarrassed. Do you have wood? However, with the increase of production, although the price of masks is gradually stable, it seems unlikely to reduce to the level before the outbreak, at least in time. It is estimated that it will not be possible in 2020. So, some people in order to save a little money, let the mask use beyond the time limit, in fact, this kind of behavior sometimes can not pay off, bring hidden danger to their health. The main purposes of wearing masks are as follows: 1. Dust prevention 2. Isolate bacteria (virus) 3. Sun protection 4. Prevention and treatment of rhinitis and pollen allergy 5. Anti ugliness (this is to make you ha ha) In order to truly achieve these goals, there is no doubt that first of all, we must ensure the hygienic standard of masks and learn to keep them clean. 1. Make disposable masks worthy of the name. Most people may reuse it, otherwise they always feel it's a pity to throw it away, which causes the disposable mask to become "countless masks". After someone makes it, they put it in the bag or pocket at will, and then take it out for use next time. In fact, the mask surface has been polluted, and the sanitary products have become unsanitary products, which is not good for the body. How to deal with it: the disposable mask is best used only once. If you are afraid of waste and are reluctant to discard it, you can continue to use it, but please remember two points: a. The cumulative wearing time can not exceed 4 hours, which is a recognized standard. If the wearing time exceeds 4 hours, the bacteria on it will exceed the standard. b. Prepare a clean plastic bag and carry it with you. After removing the mask, store the mask in the plastic bag separately to prevent cross contamination. 2. Disposable masks cannot be cleaned. Because water washing will destroy the filter structure of the mask, reduce the material density and lose the filtering effect. 3. Look after the production date when purchasing masks. It's better not to wear three products. 4. Try not to wear masks of special colors. For example, black and other dark masks are made of dye, which may have bad effects on the mouth and respiratory tract, and even induce tracheitis [fear] 5. Pay attention to the front and back. The front is usually darker than the back. 6. The ear skin is sensitive, so the mask belt can be roughened. You can provide your own paper towels, cloth strips, etc. for pad protection. If you have the conditions, or in order to be more beautiful and fashionable, you can also buy silica gel "ear protector" and hold it on the thin mask, which can prevent strangulation and allergy. The above is the experience of wearing masks for several months. Now let's share it with you. In a word, I hope you don't let masks "serve" beyond the time limit. Don't worry about a few small money, which makes wearing masks meaningless and brings unnecessary hidden dangers to your health. Like my sharing, just pay attention to me, like, comment, forward, pay attention, I will accept it all!

There is a disposable mask at home. Don't throw it away when you use it. You can save a lot of money in a year by cutting it and turning it into a treasure

Because of the epidemic situation, many people can't help wearing masks. Usually, after wearing masks, they use disposable masks and throw them away. In fact, they just need a simple cut to turn their waste into treasure. In a year, they can save hundreds of dollars for you. Now let's take a look together with the editor. Generally, the normal medical masks are divided into three layers, which can well isolate the external bacterial dust. Usually, when wearing the mask, the blue face outward and the white face inward. Under special circumstances, masks have become a necessity in our daily life. How do we deal with disposable masks we used at ordinary times? Many people will think that after using the mask once, there will be a lot of bacteria left on the mask. After using the mask, there will be no value. In fact, we only need to sterilize the mask for secondary use, mainly because the mask material is special and it is very convenient to use. First of all, we use a fresh-keeping bag to package the mask, seal it at its opening position, and then prepare a hair dryer, adjust the hair dryer to the hot wind, and blow it against the mask. The high temperature has the effect of sterilization and mite removal. With this method, you can easily kill the bacteria left in the mask. Smart use 1. It can be used as a disposable mask for leather shoes. After wearing leather shoes for a long time, it is easy to accumulate a lot of dust and stains. At this time, we can use the mask to wipe. Most of the masks are made of non-woven fabric. Their cleaning effect is very good. There is no need to worry about using it to wipe. There will be scratches on the surface of our shoes. The cleaning effect is also good It's very good. You can try this method when cleaning leather shoes. Smart two, can take off the band of the mask, use it to act as a rubber band. Usually when the data line is collected, it can be used to bind the data line. It is not afraid of the data line being in a mess, and the sorting effect is also very good. Three, clean the toilet. The inner wall of our toilet is very unclean after long-term use. When cleaning the toilet, we need to use soap and other cleaners to clean it. We can cut one end of the mask, put the soap directly into the mask, and then seal the opening position of the mask. Next, we only need to put the soap into the mask When the mask is put into the toilet water tank to wash the toilet, it can clean the inner wall of our toilet very well, make the toilet very clean, and send out a light fragrance. It can be used to wipe electronic products. Mobile phones are often used by us. After a long time of use, there will be a lot of dirt and finger marks on the screen surface. At this time, just pour some white wine into the mask, and then wipe the screen with the mask to easily wipe off the dirty finger marks on the screen surface, and it will not scratch the screen of the mobile phone, so the cleaning effect is good The fruit is very good. Well, here are some tips on disposable masks. They are very simple and practical. I hope this tip can help you.

The company has increased the business scope of producing disposable medical protective masks

Disposable respirator is a common type of economic and practical dust-proof respirator on the market, which is accepted by the public because it is cheap and convenient to wear. But when many people wear disposable masks, because the methods they master are not correct, the masks do not have a protective effect at all. The following small edition will introduce the correct wearing method of disposable masks and some requirements that should be paid special attention to when using masks. Correct wearing of disposable masks 1. Disposable mask has two sides of white and blue, one side of white is facing in, the other side of metal strip is facing up, stick the mask on the face, mouth and nose horizontally, and hang the ropes at both ends on the ears with both hands; 2. Pull up the upper edge belt of disposable mask, cover the nose and mouth with mask, pull the two upper straps to the back of the ear and fasten them to the head, not to the ear; 3. Press the metal wire of the upper part of the nose root of the disposable mask with two index fingers to make it close to the nose skin, and then move the food to both sides gradually, so that the whole mask is close to the face skin. 4. After taking off the disposable mask, put it into the tape or paper bag, then put it into the covered garbage can, and wash hands in time. Do not reuse the disposable mask.   Precautions for disposable masks 1. Carefully cover the nose and mouth with disposable mask and fasten it to reduce the space between the face and mask as much as possible; 2. When using, avoid touching disposable masks. After touching the used mask, for example, when removing the mask, wash hands with soap water or alcohol hand sanitizer; 3. After the disposable mask is used, the outer layer of the mask often accumulates a lot of dust, bacteria and other pollutants in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. It must be noted that both sides cannot be confused. 4. Do not reuse disposable mask, generally 6-8 hours need to replace. Disposable masks should be discarded after each use and disposed of immediately after removal. 5. When the mask is not worn, it should be folded and put into a clean self sealing bag, and the side close to the nose and mouth should be folded inward. Remember not to put it into the bag or hang it directly on the neck. 6. The disposable mask is moistened by the exhaled hot gas or saliva, and its barrier protection effect is reduced. It is recommended to prepare more masks at ordinary times, and replace them in time for better health.
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